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Photography Masterclass


In this Masterclass we will reflect on aspects of the photographic process and on the role we as photographers play in it.


What makes us pick up the camera?

Why do we push the button at a particular moment?
How do I find my position as photographer towards my subject?
How does it feel to be photographed?

We live in a world of possibilities, and we experience beauty in a personal way.
The way we look at the world defines the story we tell.

A Photo reveals the Photographer.

For whom is this Masterclass?

The purpose of the Masterclass is to challenge you to reflect upon what you do,
and to help our photography to express the thoughts and sensibility of the photographers we are.

This series of talks doesn’t discuss the techniques used to realize a specific style or type of photography.

It is meant for people interested in understanding how the language of photography works,
for people who want to discover how to express their unique way of looking, using  photography.

You can sign in for a two-year membership.

The special launch price for this Masterclass is 249 €.
During that period you will get unlimited access to the 14 videos, 5 interviews and new videos that will be added.

You have a 15-day guarantee on the Masterclass course.

But there is more to that…

We will get in contact via video conferencing in two private sessions of one hour.
You choose the time that feels good to you, within the two years.
We’ll discuss your photographic aspirations.  We can discuss your projects and look into ways to realize them.
How could you push them to a higher level?

We can address questions about photographic techniques during our 2 private sessions.
If there is a general interest to get into a specific photographic technique, additional video material can be added.

Workshops treating that theme can be organized at an additional cost.

And on top of that…

Additional to this Masterclass there is the opportunity to work in private sessions
or in group sessions in which we discuss your work in process and exchange ideas and experiences with others.
These options are offered for an additional fee
and can be tailored to your individual needs.


Content of the Masterclass

1 : Time and Photography
Something about myself and my journey in photography.
You hear about my fascination for portraits of people posing.

I love to work in other cultures, curious to learn and being challenged to communicate in spite of not having a mutual language.

2 : Two Kinds of Photography
Documentary and Set-up photography :

two different approaches, two ways of working.

Are you a street photographer, or do you prefer to plan and arrange the composition of the subjects you work with?  Or do you combine these two approaches?

3 : Photography is about you
Where is our place in the photographic process?  Where do we stand as photographers? Are we witnesses of what happens in front of us?

We reflect on our possible role in this process.  Do we pass something on, or are we standing in the way?

4 : Framing Shots – Part One
What elements influence us in defining our framing?

We look at the world but the world looks at us.
Do we allow ourselves to be seen by the subjects we photograph?

Do we hide or do we go into communication with our subject?

4 : Framing Shots – Part Two
When we feel free in our movements as photographers, we translate the relationship with our subject in a more pure and direct way.  As photographer, there is no place to hide.

We are present in our photo.  We are part of it.

5 : Form and Photography
Does the way our photo is presented has an effect on the image, on the way we look at it?
Our world is immersed by photos. And in a very wide range. From advertising in newspapers to fine art photography in galleries. On top of that, everyone takes photos. What place do we take in that large, wide field?
6 : Photography and Technique
We all know the importance of mastering photographical techniques.
Is a photo always served by reaching for a high technical quality?
7 : Photography and Aesthetics, Part One
When does a photo become photography? What is this photographic language that a photo makes use of, to express its content? We talk about aspects we do not control but that keep photography full of life.
7 : Photography and Aesthetics, Part Two
A beautiful photo and a photo of something beautiful…
We look into how they relate, and how they often fight with each other!
8 : The Place of a photo, Part One
The way a photo is exhibited has an influence on the way viewers experience its message. And its message is a strong one. Because a photo does never stop telling its story.
8 : The Place of a Photo, Part Two
What is the ideal size to show a photo? How can we define that?
And what influence do text and graphic design have on our image? We look into how we can use text in an exhibition.

Photography does have a quite bigoted character. It is a kind of loner, loving to shake off all that we try to stick on it…

9 : Portrait Photography
What position do we take towards the people we photograph?
In which direction do you want your model to look? What effect does the direction of the gaze have in the portrait?
10 : The Self-Portrait
Self portraying makes us stand in the shoes of the model. How does it feel to be on the other side of the camera? We not only discover new ways to portray but we start to understand what goes through the model by allowing ourselves to be photographed.
11 : Selfies
Now, this is a tricky one. I’m not so very fond of selfies. If you are, you may better skip this one. No regrets!!!!
Interview 1 : B&W vs. Color
B&W and Color, two different worlds, two different ways of looking. Each one of them leads to another interpretation, tells even another story…
Interview 2 : Analog vs. Digital
Digital photography changed our way of photographing.
It certainly gave us comfort and eased down some technological challenges.

But are there reasons to turn back to Analog?
Did we lose something, we are not aware of?

Interview 3: Art Photos by Non-Photographers
Photos can be the result of an intensive photographic process,
but photography can be applied for other reasons as well,
keeping up in value and significance!
Interview 4 : Inspired by…
Photographers and artists…, some that have certainly inspired me…
Interview 5 : Looking
Sonja does not stop firing questions to me. And I am not given time to prepare my answers!!!
We talk about how we all look differently to the world, about going out
and hunting for a photo and the movement of letting the hunted step towards us.
In spite of likes and dislikes, photography opens a door to feel what inspired the photographer.
We talk about the process of creation, how a photo comes into being.

All the talks are in English.

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